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Sports Photography

We got our start doing sports action photography and team portraits. We plan an hour and a half for each sports team. It is best to do these photos closer to dawn or dusk, to prevent any harsh shadowing. We are equipped with lights to counteract the ambient light available.

We accept Cash (exact change appreciated) and all major Credit/Debit Cards. Sorry, no checks. 

Where can we take pictures?

The best place is near your game or practice field with available shade from the sun. It's best to not shoot in an open area without cover, due to harsh light and shadowing from the sun. Any small stand of trees will do. Overcast days are really helpful in diffusing the sun.

What are your 2018 Sports packages?

2018 Pricing Doc Available Here

Digital Only - $25

All images are provided by digital download. There are no physical prints in this bundle. A print release is included for personal use.

  • 1 Standard 8x10 sized Memory Mate

  • 2 Individual Poses

  • 1 Team Pose

Premium - $35

Each image size is of 1 pose. We pick the pose, unless you choose to pick your poses ($5 add-on.)

  • 1  - Premium 8x10 sized Memory Mate

  • 1  - 8x10 Individual Pose

  • 2 - 5x7 Individual Pose

  • 2 - 4x6 Individual Pose

  • 4 - Wallet Individual Pose

Individual - $25

Each image size is of 1 pose. We pick the pose, unless you choose to pick your poses ($5 add-on.)

  • 1  - Standard 8x10 sized Memory Mate

  • 2 - 5x7 Individual Pose

  • 2 - 4x6 Individual Pose

  • 4 - Wallet Individual Pose

Super Saver- $20

Each image size is of 1 pose. We pick the pose, unless you choose to pick your poses ($5 add-on.)

  • 1  - Standard 8x10 sized Memory Mate

  • 1 - 5x7 Individual Pose

  • 1 - 4x6 Individual Pose

  • 4 - Wallet Individual Pose


Digital downloads can be upgraded to USB drive for an additional fee (sorry, no compact discs.) Digital add-ons are available for print packages.

Game Action Photos- $120 per game or $200 for 2 games.

Want to have photos of your team in action? We'll come out and photograph a game and provide all photos to you by digital download. Share the code with your parents and everyone can download. One USB drive will be made available do you to share. It's best to choose a game with plenty of light to prevent motion blur. While our lenses take exceptional photos in low light, the more available light, the higher the shutter speed we can set to limit motion blur. Our fast cameras can capture 10 still frames per second with daylight lighting.


Need to know more?

Nope, take me to booking!

What else can you tell me?

Technical details

We got our start using consumer grade cameras and lenses (like you can get at Best Buy.) While they can and do produce a great image, there are some features from professional level gear that we now utilize. We use Canon professional level cameras and lenses now, which produce a sharper image and fast speed. Our cameras also include the ability to record to two memory cards simultaneously , which prevents the loss of data in the case of a single memory card failure. We also use Canon "L" lenses, which are the top-of-the-line, aspherical, precision ground lenses. They provide a clear image with minimal distortion.

How do you deliver our photos?

We live in the digital age and our photos are delivered to you digitally via our website, if you choose a digital package or digital add-ons. You will be able to see the proofs and download the final images from the same page. Final image downloads are secured by a PIN that we will provide to you once complete. For physical prints, we deliver to the coach or team contact in one delivery. We do not make individual deliveries.

My player only has a couple of poses, do you have more available?

Team photography can take a long time, depending on the number of players. It is also highly dependent on the cooperation of the player. If the players are cooperative, we will be able to get more poses. We will publish 1 image of each pose for proofing, which meets our quality standards. 

Why can't I take pictures of my own player or team during the photo session?

Like we said above, team pictures can take a long time and the more we have parents impeding the flow, the longer the process takes. Also, this is a for-profit company and we aim to make a profit from our time spent photographing your player and team.  We'll provide proofs online that you can share on social media of your player. We are able to produce highly economical prices and would appreciate a purchase!

Why do you only do Digital Download and USB instead of compact disc?

We are in the digital age where many computers no longer have a compact disc reader. If you only have a phone or tablet, how do you get your images? For phone or tablet, our digital download options is the best choice. If you do have a home computer, the upgrade to a USB drive add-on is available and you can also access them via digital download.

Can you tell me the flow of our photo session from start to end?

Sure thing! We'll start after the booking process, which is when we get into the real details:


Picture Day - We will be at your photo location from 10 - 15 minutes early so we can setup without eating into your session time. We will do individual poses as your players arrive and finish with the team poses. We'll drop in a few sample proofs that evening, if we can.

Within 1 Week - We aim to get all of our proofs delivered within one week. Larger sessions, difficult lighting, or other situations outside our control may take additional time. Check our website from Day 1 - Day 7 for proofs as they are uploaded. As we get them done we will upload them. We will also start working on your memory mates (which are custom designed for each team and not a stock template.)

Within 3 Weeks - After we have edited your images and produced the memory mates, we will submit them to the coach or team contact to request spelling verification. Once spelling verification is complete, the prints will be sent to our lab and the digital downloads will be made available.

Within 4 Weeks - Prints will be delivered to the coach or team point of contact

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