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Real Estate Investment

Selling your home is a major life decision and process. We aim to capture your home in the stunning beauty that it is.

​​All monies are due before images are delivered.

< 1,700 sq ft - $120

  • A home less than 1,700 square feet takes approximately 1 hour to complete

  • Inside and outside shots included

> 1,700 sq ft - $220

  • Homes between 1,700 and 3,00 sq feet take approximately 2 hours to complete

  • Inside and outside shots included

> 3,000 sq ft

  • Large homes may take an additional amount of time. Please contact us for home of this size

Need to know more?

Nope, take me to booking!

What else can you tell me?

Some of you might be interested in some of the technical details of our equipment and what we do to manage your data. You might also be interested in the flow and what happens after the photo shoot.

Technical details

We got our start using consumer grade cameras and lenses (like you can get at Best Buy.) While they can and do produce a great image, there are some features from professional level gear that we now utilize. We use Canon professional level cameras and lenses now, which produce a sharper image and fast speed. Our cameras also include the ability to record to two memory cards simultaneously , which prevents the loss of data in the case of a single memory card failure. We also use Canon "L" lenses, which are the top of the line aspherical, precision ground lenses. They provide a clear image with minimal distortion.

Data Loss Prevention

If we capture your images, you want to know that we aren't going to lose your images before they are delivered. As we indicated in the technical details, our cameras record to two memory cards simultaneously. We may only download from one memory card, but we have the other available if those images are corrupt on one card. We copy those images to an external hard drive which then backs up immediately to our secure cloud data provider. Before the images are edited, we have 5 copies of them (Card 1, Card 2, Computer, External Hard Drive, & Cloud Backup.) For Boudoir, we can omit from the cloud backup if you request it.

How do you deliver our photos?

We live in the digital age and our photos are delivered to you digitally via our website. You will be able to see the proofs and download the final images from the same page. Final image downloads are secured by a PIN that we will provide to you once complete.


Can you tell me the flow of our photo session from start to end?

Sure thing! We'll start after the booking process, which is when we get into the real details:


Picture Day - We will be at your photo location from 10 - 15 minutes early so we can setup without eating into your session time. We'll begin working the images as soon as we are back to the computer. We will start processing proofs that day

Within 1 - 2 Days - Typically, most real estate images are available within 1 to 2 days. We do not over saturate the images or make them look fake. We edit the images to bring out quality and lighting.

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