Portrait Prices - Fall/Winter 2016

Every digital package comes with a limited release that allows you to print for personal use or as gifts as you choose. The release does not cover commercial use. (A print release is a document that acknowledges the copyright holder has given permission to the purchaser to make prints at professional establishments. If you wish to print at Walgreens, Kinkos, etc, they will require the release)

Every printed package comes with medium resolution digital downloads and a release to use on social media. Upgrade to a limited print release and full resolution images by tagging our Facebook page in your post. 

All prints are done by a professional printing company, which we have sourced and provide the highest quality prints at a price that keeps our prices low for you.


Package   Time Allotted     People Incl.   Prints Digital    Price    Deposit
Digital Mini Session 30 Minutes 1-6 None 6-8 Full Resolution Download $60 $40
Printed Mini Session 30 Minutes 1-6

1 ea -  8x10

1 ea - 5x7

2 ea -  4x6

4 ea - Wallets

6-8 Medium Resolution Download $80 $40
Full Session Digital  45 min - 1 Hr 1-12 None  20 - 30 Full Resolution Download $120 $60
Full Session Printed 45 Min - 1 Hr 1-12

2 ea - 8x10

4 ea - 5x7

6 ea - 4x6

12 ea - Wallets

20-30 Medium Resolution Download $140 $60
Senior Pictures Digital 1 - 1.5 Hrs (2-4 Changes) 1 None 20-30 Full Resolution Download $150 $80

















Cash, Credit/Debit Card, and PayPal accepted for payment. Once the session has been booked, one (1) rescheduling is permissible. Storms, rain, ice, snow, and other acts of nature do not count against the rescheduling  allotment. Scheduling availability will be at the availability of the photographer.