Frequently Asked Questions


Sports Photography

What is the different between Standard and Premium Memory Mates?

Standard memory mates feature one standard pose of the player and the team photo on a custom team background. The Premium Memory Mate features a pose in the background and a larger pose in the foreground, which are custom to each player. While the same overall image may look the same as the others, they are all different and processed individually. 

Is payment due when the pictures arrive or at picture day?

Payment is due on picture day in the form of cash, credit/debit card, or PayPal. If you did not bring payment on picture day, you may pay after that date until pictures are ordered, but please add $5 to your order. We process the pictures in batches and late adds cause additional time working the images. We love every order, even the late ones, but please understand the additional time it adds. 

What is the different between digital download and compact disc?

When ordering a digital download, you will receive a link to the album of your player and the password to that album. Compact disc will arrive on a physical CD. If you order CD, please make sure you have a CD drive in your computer. Many new computers do not. 

You took a lot of pictures, but I only have a few in my album. Is there a reason why?

While we do take a lot of images of each person, we only post the pictures that meet our professional standards for excellence and clarity. Each player will generally get 3 or 4 quality images.

Do you choose the pictures for each print type or can I?

As a general rule, we pick the images for each size of prints based on what we think would fit best. If you have an image you would like as a specific size, we will try to make it happen. 

Can I print my pictures at home?

While you can print your pictures on your home printer (if you purchased our digital package), we do not recommend it. While professional printers are able to print all the way to the edge of the paper, home printers are usually not capable of such.  On 8x10 you may get cut off at the top and bottom, due to margins on your home printer. We recommend using a professional printer, such as, but not limited to, Amazon Prints, CVS, Walgreens, or Mpix. 

When I print the pictures, why do parts of the image get cut off?

The size of picture you are attempting to print is highly dependent on the aspect ratio of the picture. While an image may be setup for 8x10, it may not print very well in 4x6. If you were to scale up the aspect ratio of 4x6, it would be 8x12, which would cut off an inch on either side of the image. If you try to scale down an 8x10  to 4x6, you end up with some of the top and bottom being cut off. When we provide digital image, we strive to produce an image that can be printed in any dimension. However, some images may not be suitable for every print aspect. We cannot guarantee that the images will print in any dimension you want. If you print the pictures at a professional printer, they normally have tools to help you align and choose the proper dimensions. 


Portrait Photography

You took a lot of pictures, but I only have 6 or 8 in my gallery. Is there a reason why?

We make take a hundred photos in 30 minutes, but we only choose the best images that meet our professional standards. A mini session will receive 6 to 8 edited photos, while full sessions will receive 20 to 30 images. 

I looked in my gallery and the images are not all the same editing. Why is that?

Photography is an art form, as is the editing of the images. We try our best to give a broad range of crisp, clear color, striking black and white, and other edits that tell a story. 

I noticed the price from mini to full sessions is double, as is the time, but the amount of pictures we receive is much more. Why is that?

We find that in a mini session, it takes time to get settled in and comfortable with the photographer. Because of this, the amount of usable images and poses is much less. During a full session, you get into the groove and we get many more quality, usable images. 

Do you have a studio or where can we take pictures?

To keep costs down, which in turn keeps your costs lower, we do not have a physical studio. We will take pictures anywhere in the Oklahoma City metro area, so long as it is a reasonable driving distance and location. We encourage you to research where you would like to shoot and we will make it happen for you. It is best to choose locations where surrounding areas are less noticeable. We would be happy to make some recommendations if you have a hard time choosing. 

My child is being uncooperative. Can we make the session longer to get what we need?

We understand children will do what they want. We have our own and can be difficult at times. We will do our best to help accommodate the situation and add a little time, based on our availability. If you feel you may need longer than 30 minutes in a mini session, we would encourage you to think about a full session. We can make arrangements and work with you more efficiently if you notify us in advance. 

What is a print release and why do I need it? Don't I own the photographs?

All images taken by a photographer are the intellectual property of that person or company. We retain the copyright to all photos. When you purchase a digital package, we give you a signed release to print the images and use them as you will for your personal use. If you wish to print the pictures at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Kinkos, etc. they will require a print release in order to release them to you. Our release covers the use to post on social media, make prints or enlargements. It does not allow editing or altering of the photography, to include removing watermarks. It also does not cover the commercial use of the photography. 

What do you do with our photos? Do you sell them to other people or companies?

While we reserve our copyright, we do not seek to sell your images to other people or companies (like stock photography websites.) We may show your images in galleries on our website for self promotion and examples for our future clients. We also have the photos in a gallery for your online proofing, which is available for public viewing. If you wish to keep your photo shoot private or not post until after a reveal, please let us know in advance so we don't spoil it for you.

What is the difference between Full Resolution and Medium Resolution?

Full resolution is the maximum pixel size our camera will take and may be adjusted due to cropping. Typically, directional pixels are over 3,000 in full resolution. Medium resolution images are best suited for social media and small prints, but may appear fuzzy or uneven when printed on an 8x10 or larger. 

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use modern Canon DSLRs. (Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera - means when looking through the eye piece it is the same image as through the lens.) We use image stabilized telephoto, zoom, and wide angle lenses. The camera and lenses may change between or during sessions, depending on the needs of the session. We use shoe mounted flashes with a soft box. This allows us to be able to move around more efficiently during our time together. 

Why do you "photoshop" my images?

Photoshop is one of many tools we use in this business. Images that come out of the camera are of the very raw sensor data. The colors may not pop the way we want or we otherwise want to breathe life into the photo. The raw sensor data is not an image until it is edited and exported. What was accomplished with lights, filters, etc. can now be accomplished digitally. We want to get the best we can out of you during our time together and fumbling with filters and lights is not the best use of our time. 

Can I ask for only clear color images, black and white, or specific edits?

Sure! We want you to be happy with the images you have. If you don't want black and white, we will be happy to accommodate you. As we said before, we typically give you a broad range of image edits, but if you have specific requests, we would love to help make that happen for you.